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October 2016

I've seen Gloria now on several occasions and I was concerned about her weight and Gloria assured me that she was in fact extremely healthy and was happy with her weight, so being the polite gentleman that I am I left the topic there and we proceeded to do what I was there to do which was to shag of course  .

We usually begin our session with a glass or two of vino and a quick catch up about what each of us has been up to. We both travel a lot for work and so have quite a lot to talk about. Gloria is a very outgoing young lady who is slightly eccentric and forthright in what she feels and in what she thinks and has never been shy when it comes to sharing. I am usually not a big fan of too much chit chat with escorts but with Gloria who is also extremely bright and very witty I actually really enjoy this time. One of the things that I like about Gloria is that she calls a spade a shovel and that she isn't interested in fake relationships with people within the industry, this however has it's own ramifications and so it has been perceived that she can be bitchy or that she has a bad attitude but I have only found the complete opposite with Gloria, each and every time that I have seen her. I find her eccentricity refreshingly exciting and this has always translated to having a fantastic shag with her. Gloria is always immaculately presented, whether it be the clothes or lingerie she is wearing down to the smoothest and most pristine pussies that I have come across. Even though she is extremely thin IMO she still has a very sexy, fuckable body and with her enhanced breasts, which appear to be bigger than they really are due to her diminutive frame, she oozes sexuality and then some, not to mention her sexy lips and naturally beautiful face. Am I sounding fan boyish enough yet? Well when you combine that with the ease of booking and the services that she delivers it has always made for a fantastic time and a lot of fun which is why I punt in the first place.

Gloria likes to have her way with me and Daniel likes that immensely. She sucks my cock so deeply that I feel like she is going to spit my balls out of her mouth when she has finished. She calls me her 'dirty old man' but then so do most of the hookers that I see but with Gloria there is a genuineness about her that a lot of other sex workers just don't have. This particular session Gloria hadn't had sex for quite some time and so was being rather demanding with what she wanted from her dirty old man. Daniel on the other hand had been having plenty of sex of late and so was finding keeping up with Gloria not the easiest task especially when we were fucking. I love it when you are shagging a sexy young beauty such as Gloria, sweat pouring profusely from my brow what with all of  the effort that I am making and Gloria comes up with "So are you going to fuck me or what old man". The other thing that sets Gloria apart from other escorts is her ability to turn me on for a second or even third round. Her dedication to my cock and to my pleasure is all encompassing. Gestures like this don't go unrewarded and so Old Daniel tries his best to satisfy Gloria by eating her exquisite smooth VJJ and is Gloria is very encouraging, in fact looks forward to my visits as I look forward to her visiting. I really like how when she cums she is super quiet, oh and her pussy is super responsive too.

Gloria's pussy is actually one of the tightest pussies that I have come across in a WL. In fact when I start shagging her I really have to take it easy lest I loose a load then and there on the spot, only to get a spraying from Gloria for not fucking her the way she likes to be fucked, hard and fast. Gloria looks exactly like her images that she posts on many social media platforms from Twitter to Instagram and even though she may appear to be thin, I think that her face is very beautiful and thankfully her breasts won't get smaller. Gloria has always been very flexible, friendly and adaptable when it comes to bookings and fitting me in. I often ask if I can come a little early or change my time as my work schedule can and does change and she often stays in an area near my apartment, which makes it super easy for me.  Gloria is always able to accommodate me to a degree so I don’t think she is a clock watching back to back provider when she tours and she is always generous with her time (YMMV, I am her dirty old man after all).  

All in all I find Gloria is a very experienced escort. She is very friendly, she is very sexy, she still seems to enjoy it and doesn’t slack off. She has a very good review record and what you see is exactly what you get. I’ve always had good experiences with her, which is why I said that I always look forward to shagging her. Yes she is thin, thinner than she has ever been but if skinny chics isn't your thing, easy move on. There are plenty of hookers in the sea. I told Gloria that I was going to write this after I was being asked to write a review of her for PP and asked her to share some recent images.  She sent me these for you all to enjoy. There are some selfies including one of her new haircut which is a shorter bob style that she will shoot very soon. I still would highly recommend seeing Gloria if you like me, like fucking a hot young woman with beautiful face great quirky personality, sensational  breasts and one of the tightest pussies in the business that loves to be fucked.