June 2016

Gloria is very pretty. She apologised for not dressing up as she had rushed from somewhere to meet the booking. She helped me settle down and gave me a drink. We had a quick chat but things started moving quickly over to the bedroom.

She helped me undress and hung my shirt in the cupboard which was nice. We then proceeded to kiss and she gave me one amazing blowjob, with lots of attention to my balls which I adore. She's got an amazing body and I recall finishing during the blowjob. Then some good conversations followed by multiple sessions of energetic sex, sloppy blowjobs, passionate kissing and more interesting conversations. At one point, I remember staring out the open window standing, looking at the sky and field while she was giving yet another fantastic blowjob kneeling. 

I was pretty drained towards the end, but Gloria insisted that she would, in her words, "blow my mind again with another blowjob which I like so much". Well, I wasn't going to say no!

A truly exceptional experience which I will continue to savour for a long time! (Looks 8.00; Service 9.00)


May 2016

Gloria is very physically attractive in a model-like, cold, aloof, high class way. Even more so in real life. From the way she looks to the way she carries herself. Luckily for me, I am very much into this and it turns me on!

It doesn’t transpire into the bedroom or her personality though. She was a more than willing sexual partner and a friendly girl. She is clearly a very experienced escort. Would repeat if our schedules aligned again for a longer booking if I could. Curious to see how she would go. (Looks 8.50, Service 8.00). 


February 2015 

Had a 2hr booking with Gloria today. Beautiful tall muscular blonde. Very talkative, I could hardly get a word in…But then, I am shy in the first few mins when I meet someone, so maybe she read it that she had to lead and dominate the conversation.

Best blow job I have ever had. Deep throating it so I can feel it go down her throat and hear that gargling noise as it goes down. Then she put her tonnage out and licked my balls whilst deep throating me. Amazing. Sex was ok, but mostly my fault as I was so blown away by the oral. Second round of oral was even better and she learn from the first round what I really liked and wanted me to CIM and swallowed. 


July 2014

She was staying in an upscale location and her photos are very accurate. She is very pretty in person. Good deep throat blow job and different sex positions.. Nice breasts and long legs. Recommend.


March 2014

I had a chance to catch up with the delicious Gloria. She had a couple of trips planned to Melbourne. Coms were easy but it took a couple of tries to get our calendars to match. 

For those of you that have not met her, she is one of the few ladies that I think looks better in pants than a skirt or dress. She is tiny but enough hips to give an hourglass figure, a great bubble butt, and legs that go on forever. She arrived wearing high-waist pants that were painted on her (instant boner) and one of those tops that shows her mid-riff and ties in front. She looked discrete and smoking hot at the same time. In the template I could have chosen body shape of slim, athletic, or petite and all three would be accurate.

We chatted like long lost friends in between the snogs and hugs (and undressing each other). BTW - she has fantastic skin - all over her body (yes I checked thoroughly). The gym work has paid off because she is high energy. As a WL she is very skilled in her craft, and it was not long before she coaxed a huge load out of me - it was one of those huge loads where you don't feel horny for 3 weeks. Unfortunately I was not able to reciprocate and the final score was 1-0 in favour of the fat guy.

Will I return? Well, I did, and I will again. We have already started talking about our next play date.


March 2014

I only writes reviews for people that are special to him. I will tell a story about an exceptional lady who is very, very good with just a touch of strange. Well, perhaps a big touch of strange but in a good way.

 A story about a clandestine morning carnal assignation with a friend and a catch up on the happenings in our lives since we last met. For me, just the usual, older, fatter, uglier, shorter, poorer and generally on the downward slide.

My dinner dates and escapades shagging one particular sexy lady and my extra curricular naughtiness with those on the approved list. For my friend,  What she has been doing, where she has been, where she is at in her life and her body image. Fucking body image, it’s awesome, Perfect boobs, an arse to die for, flat abs of steel and a face that would sell magazines and a sexy mane.

Somewhere in amongst the banter and the intrigue we found ourselves petting each other like trusted friends usually do in a casual sort of way. There has been no loss of carnal talents and skills, be assured I know. Needless to say there was lot of honour and offer till I was fucked.This lady friend is exceptionally easy to spend time with and the time flashes by in comfort and style.

I look forward to the next time he gets to experience the Glorified company of such a very, very good practitioner in the arts of sensual carnal depravity.


February 2013

I had the pleasure of a 2nd playdate with Gloria recently - a playdate that only happened because both of us had to work to find space in our schedules (bless her for trying damn hard for me).

Gloria arrived wearing one of those dresses that at first looks like a skirt and blouse - you know the ones with the seam at the waist, with different colour above the waist from below? Well, she had a pleated black knee length "skirt" and a red "blouse" with (I am so hopeless with fashion) what looked like a Spanish / Mediterranean neckline. She has an amazing figure, and that dressed really worked for that figure. She has added some blonde highlights to her hair (like!) and ... well, she just flowed into the room. Very feminine, very non-corporate, very casual, and very lovely. 

We sit down for a chat - and it was really like two friends catching up. I find it amusing that she has a smoking hot body, yet she seems to see it as an ongoing work in progress. She has just returned from (those of you on twitter know this, those of you not following her may find this more than surprising) a boxing tournament in Thailand. She is beyond super fit. She is into the levels of super hero(ine) fitness.

Yes I have seen her once before, but she put me right at ease with absolutely no stress or issues. While she put me at ease, some how the next thing I remember is her wearing a tiny g-string, and me wearing less. Actually, I was wearing her - she had wrapped those long lean arms around my neck and was kissing me. My arms found that magnificently sculpted waist and reciprocated. I could do that all day.

Anyway, she proceeded to climb mount Buddha belly, wrap those amazing thighs around me (those amazing thighs - imagine being hugged by the world's most sensual boa constrictor) and displayed some excellent flexibility. Oh - and being the fitness fanatic she is, she said (and I love this) I gave HER a workout! Yes, because of my girth, she had to extra stretch her hip flexors to accommodate me. I so love flexible girls that are willing to do that little bit extra for me.

And ... for the first time in my life, I got over the line with RCG. Many have tried before her, and all previously have failed - but she succeeded. Funny - when other ladies have tried this I have found it not only unstimulating but occasionally boring - it has just never ever worked for me. She rocked it. Must be those super fit pelvic floor muscles.

Of course I had to try to return the favour. There is just something about a lady being in front of you, lifting her leg over your shoulder, placing her heel in your back, and using her heel to guide you. Not a word was spoken, but the communication was constant. Love it, and loved it. She has great skin, and the post session cuddle allowed me to explore all of her skin. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end, as did our playdate. I loved but hated watching her walk away. Those of you that have met Gloria know she is a lot of fun. Those of you that have not yet met Gloria are missing out on a fun playdate. Oh yes, she is in the harem. That is one of the easiest decisions ever made. Highly highly recommended. 


October 2012

Finally (FINALLY) got to see the divine Miss Gloria. Many false starts, one non-session meeting, and then FINALLY. And she is worth the wait and the effort.

Her photos are 100% accurate. Anyone that follows her on Twitter knows that she frequently will post a "selfie". You cannot get more accurate than that. We settled in for a get-to-know-you chat. It was surprising how easy she is to talk with. I think we could have talked about just about anything - very clever lady - very switched on.

Now ... her body. The template just does not quite work. She is quite tall - almost 180 cm, almost 6-feet in bare feet. And she looks magnificent in a pair of jeans. For a tall lady she is proportionally quite petite. But it is almost impossible to select petite for someone that tall. She could also be curvy. She has a tiny waist and a nice bum (approaching a Latino bubble butt), and combined with her new enhanced breasts, she has a stunning profile - from the side and from the front (and also from the back - she looked great in the mirror). And when she wrapped those lovely legs around me - the power - WOW - this lady is definitely athletic. And the beginning of a ripped abdomen confirms that. So the template is not quite right, but her body is extremely right.

I love her hips. Just perfect height to rest my forearms on when I wrap my arms around her tiny waist. She is a wonderful kisser. And unlike some ladies with enhancements, we could pull each other together and kiss without her boobs getting in the way.

She is an oral artist, and it was a race to see who would get over the line first. There is just something about receiving oral, giving DATY, and squeezing those beautiful bum cheeks and stroking those wonderful thighs. I won - she got over the line first. I think she let me win because my skills are mediocre at best.

Some cuddles and kissing and chatting, and then ... she wrapped those magnificent thighs around me. Bear hug with thighs - that is absolute heaven. And to give me that squeeze in cowgirl - wow. She is quite athletic. An almighty effort at the end, and she got me over the line. 

This lady has a lovely face, an incredibly hot body, magnificent skin that is almost endless (and her hot body give it fantastic contours), a razor sharp mind (and the mind is the sexiest part of a lady), a fun personality, a great, but unique style of kissing.  I will return.


September 2012

When you lie next Gloria you can't help but feel a sense of true intimacy. Forget about the physical act, just look into her eyes and you know theres no where else you'd rather be. She is generous in all aspects. I need not say anymore. Maximilian.


September 2012

That does not do justice to a beautiful young woman who is unbelievably good at what she does. I am relatively new to to finding this site because it has certainly given me the opportunity to meet some great ladies. Gloria thank you for a time that left me wanting more and more and well you get the picture.

The booking was a seamless process after contacting Gloria and swapping a couple of text messages, the date and time was set. We agreed on a central location and after the usual anticipation,nerves,excitement the day arrives and the knock on the door.

I open the door to a jaw dropping gorgeous young lady who is tall and looks absolutley stunning in a business suit. I incoherently invited her in and after the formalities, she made me so relaxed within 5 mins that I almost forgot where I was. Now there are have been plenty of reviews of the many talents Gloria has at her disposal, the one that I loved the most was how real and genuine she is as a person.

We started with some light kissing which progressed to some passionate kissing. She is an amazing kisser with lips that are plump and pouty and very kissable.Needless to say as the passion increased so did the intensity. Soon we were naked and exploring each others bodies with hands and mouths and tongues. Gloria has an outstanding body with a great ass and lovely long legs. The oral was incredible and the sex even better. I will not go into too much detail except to say that for the 2 or so hours that I was with this beautiful (in every sense of the word) lady, she did not stop trying to please me and was graciously kind and open to everything I asked of her.

As Molly says "Do yourself a favour" and definitely make some time to be with Gloria. You will not regret it. Till I see her again. I will cherish the time we shared. Gloria thank you again, you are incredible and I will see you soon. 


September 2012

Prior to booking Gloria, had chatted to a number of seasoned (and more frequent) punter here about my idea to book Gloria, since she was back on the radar. To my surprise, those punters (who had not booked her before) said they were intimidated by the mystique of her and not sure they could match it with her. However, that kicked off the 'Broady Boy' upbringing in me. The underdog who backs himself in to match wits with those could be seen to be 'above them'.

By luck, I had been pointed in the way of her twitter and by the pics of her with the cat(s) and other short twitter conversation chains she had, I was actually starting to get the feeling that she was pretty down to earth. 

She was well worth the wait!  We both decided to seat back on the couch, enjoy a glass of wine each and chat about life for a while. Let me tell you, Gloria can talk rather fast... AND I LIKE IT! (more on the talking later). After a brief shower, we head to bed where we start with a long kissing session. Yes, you will notice she has large lips and thus I had to change my kissing style slightly, but that in no way was a negative. The kissing was passionate and pleasing.

A little of teasing was to follow, until she moved in for the BJ. I will now state for the record... best BJ action in Melbourne! She has got the technique down pat. I then moved into paying attention to her breasts. Now some punters are worried about enhanced breasts. Hers has come up well. True, enhanced breasts will never have the same feel and those that are natural, but Gloria’s feels as soft as they can be (as opposed to some I've seen in the past whose felt like bricks!).

Finally, it was action time, where only three positions were tried. That was my fault, as in missionary I tired too easily... I really need to drop some kgs so I can put in a better effort, not just for myself, but for the fun the ladies certainly deserve. However, I should also point out the positives. Gloria's body looked beautiful in any positioned she moved into and my personal fave was just lying side by side looking at each other The end came with a HJ and BJ finish - I reckon a good 30-40 odd minutes of action.

Afterwards, we both laid back on the bed and talked.... and talked... and talked... and talked! Most of the conversation was about her upbringing and 'the industry' in general.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really liked her talking a lot. As a fellow motor mouth, it was nice to find someone who could keep up with my conversation speed and not have any awkward silences with... in fact I don't think there was any silence at all! In the end, we finally parted ways quite some time after the hour. Of course YMMV, but I'm certainly thankful to her for being generous with her time on this occasion.

For all those that have been (wrongfully) worried about being intimidated by her, you need not fear. She's a great down-to-earth woman that you wish you could pick up from the bar/club/pub.She puts you at ease the moment you meet and everything from there flows naturally.

I am absolutely jealous of the more successful guys who are able to enjoy her company on an overnighter. Not just the sex (which of course I enjoyed) but being able to have the time to talk and talk with her.


October 2011

Does the world need another Gloria review? Do I care? I am going to do it anyway.

Gloria is tall, graceful and beautiful. She is an absolutely striking sight. I get nervous before my occasional adventures with a WL but Gloria managed to relax me quickly. She is great company and talks and entertains non-stop. She is spontaneous, confident and responsive. My time with her unfolded in a really unrushed natural feeling way.

When I was thinking about this review I remembered one of the most amazing things I have ever been asked, years ago, by a former partner. It was thequestion “How do you like your blow jobs?” (Maybe I had buried the memory in the‘Ones who got away’ file). If I had really thought about it my best answer at the time would have been, “it depends, we could try a few things, practice a bit and I’ll let you know”. I was too young and dumb to think ofanything that sensible at the time.

The blow job part of my experience with Gloria was a bit like staying at a Hotel with a pillow menu, having a hard time choosing and saying, “fuck it I’ll have one of each and THEN I’ll decide”. It was all there from graceful luxurious teasing to full on deep-throated pyrotechnics.

I can’t imagine Gloria would ever need to ask anyone how they like a blowjob. If she asked me now I would say “a lot like that one”.

The rest of the experience from a sexual point of view was bloody great. Giving a list of what we got up to doesn’t feel like the point. The whole experience seemed incredibly unscripted. She made me feel like she enjoyed my company without faking it (orgasms or otherwise). I can only imagine it would be different every time and, I’m guessing, with every punter. I don’t think anyone who can afford the experience would leave anything less than blissfully satisfied.


October 2011

Most ladies look better in the photographs (thanks to photoshop) but Gloria looks better in person. She led me into the room and gave me a welcome kiss.

We spent a bit of time chatting before I headed for the shower. When I got out, I helped strip Gloria of her tight blue jeans and stilettos. Gloria has a nice body. I am a buttman so I was particularly happy with her bubble butt. While she did not have a huge pair of breasts I found them to be very nice and complementing her body shape. I am sure Gloria will not be too mad at me for describing her pussy. She has a beautiful one and just the way I like them. I remember a thread about "innies" and now I know what a beautiful one looks like  

Gloria is not a clockwatcher. I spent time giving her DATY which she appeared to enjoy and she return the favour a few times in the course of our time together. Gloria is very skilled at the art of french much to my surprise and joy. I had prepared myself for a french completion but I did not manage to last that long with the gorgeous lady straddlng me. Well at least that leaves something for the next meeting.

I found out that Gloria and I shared the same birthday, thirty years apart. I thought that was pretty amazing. Gloria is a special lady, friendly and very sociable, not like I assumed. 


September 2011

I tend to have a thing for women that are really good at expressing themselves, and more specifically, their opinions. There is just something about a ‘strong’ woman that really floats my boat. So, it was with some excitement that I contacted Gloria and arranged for an overnight rendezvous, albeit for several weeks time.

In the lead-up to our meeting, there were email and text exchanges to sort out the details of where to meet, restaurant, etc. At no stage however, had I spoken with Gloria on the phone. Unfortunately, in the week prior to our soiree, I managed to get myself hospitalised for a few days (nothing serious) and was consequently not feeling at the peak of my powers.

So, the date and time arrives. I have ensured that we have a nice bottle of Pouilly-Fumé on ice and some chocolates from KoKo Black for the lovely lady. There is a knock at the door...........Gloria is a stunningly beautiful girl, who is very statuesque and with the most unusual accent. I think that is what really threw me initially was her accent. ......unusual, but very, very nice.......even if she does talk at 100 miles per hour! 

Gloria was wearing a beautiful pale green lacy dress with a long overcoat. Very stylish and if you picture a brunette Betty Draper from Mad Men, then you’ll pretty much have a picture of who stood before me.

So, we had a quick chat over a glass or two of wine before heading off to a lovely dinner. I always enjoy the ritual of having dinner with my partner as I find that conversation over a meal flows very naturally and tends to be more open and revealing. To this extent, Gloria gave of herself very freely. So, after dinner, it was back to the hotel for our second serving of dessert! 

Those that have read my reviews before will know that I don’t give a blow by blow description of the sexual activities as this will vary from partner to partner. I do however like to give a sense of the ‘experience’. What I will say is that Gloria the looks and body of a catwalk model. Amazingly long legs and an ass to die for. She is tall and thin, yet with curves in all the right places and a face like a doll.

Now, I stand at 5’6” which is some 5 inches shorter than Gloria, and let’s just say that we had to reposition ourselves during some activities so that she didn’t get a sore neck. In terms of the physical activities, Gloria is clear and upfront on her profile about what she does and does not do. We enjoyed cowgirl, reverse CG and missionary amongst the usual positions. Gloria is especially talented when it comes to oral pleasure.

The thing I love about overnight bookings is the whole ritual of dinner, conversation, sex, sleep and waking up next to a beautiful woman before indulging once again. That was certainly the case in this encounter. So, if you’re looking to get raunchy with a stunningly beautiful woman who is an excellent dinner partner, then Gloria is most certainly your girl! 


August 2011

Gloria is a girl that isn’t shy of sharing her thoughts and opinions. Time to find out what the lady behind the persona is really like. Bloody good looking! I can tell you that for starters. Her promotional pictures are fine but nothing prepares you for the actual encounter. She is pretty! She is also tall and dresses very tastefully. With her hair down, wearing a camel tie-belted coat high heels and carrying an umbrella and handbag she looked all class when she came to my hotel room on a winter Wednesday afternoon: Gloria presents herself as a most elegant young lady. 

She could also talk the leg off a table. I have never in my life met a girl that can talk so much. But it’s not nervous prattle. She just seems to have an insatiably inquiring mind locked in overdrive. It’s a bit like conversational pinball, with each ball (question) fired off at an incredible speed. 

It would concern me if I felt I wasn’t being listened to but actually it’s quite the opposite. She seems to listen intently but then wants to move it along or ask more about something that is mentioned. Also her voice is very pleasant. It has a particular soft lilt to it.  One of the things I have to make particular mention of is her mouth. That might sound weird but it is so fascinatingly perfect and beautiful. Indeed, I couldn’t believe anything forbidden could ever come out of it. She has the most beautiful smile. There was something very warm and open about our communication. It was emotionally unguarded, kind, and mutually respectful.  I liked being secreted away in this warm hotel room talking to this beautiful young lady. It was cloudy and wet outside. Amazingly she was quiet for a moment. She looked at me and smiled knowingly. A moment where we seemed to once again realise who we are and who we are not... 

She drained her glass and went off to the bathroom. When she came back she sat astride me and kissed me deeply. That perfect mouth.  She removed my tie and undid my waistcoat.  “I like your braces.” She said; stretching one and letting it slap back onto my chest.

* * * *

I asked Gloria to sit on the bed so that I might remove her shoes – always a pleasure. I unclipped them and put them aside. She stood up again. Bare foot and bare legged in her short black dress. It was tight. It didn’t seem to have a zip. “Over the top” she told me. It became apparent that when she was in the bathroom she had taken off her underwear. So, with the removal of her dress I had naked Gloria. 

I stepped back to look at her and was grateful that she could stand there and let me without any self consciousness. Why should she be self conscious? She was beautiful and I told her so: or whispered it.  I told her I’m not going to be “noticed” for a few days so she can rough me up if she wants. “Like this?” Whack!  “That’s rough enough thanks.” 

I got myself in a position so I could spend a good twenty minutes or so dining upon her. I can’t tell you how good that was or how lovely she tasted. Totally explored the given area. She came (or so she kindly says). We joked about that a bit. And I told her that actually I don’t give a damn, because this is all about me. She laughed but agreed – “It is!” 

I loved the length and shape of her body – especially those thighs! – as she continued her treatment of me, with wet nipple play, nibbling and wet kissing.  She went down on me for the longest time – and with ball sucking and fabulously wet techniques. That perfect mouth!  “You keep that up and you’ll be getting an early dinner”.  “Mm Mm” she said, seemingly unbothered. 

“I’d really rather fuck you to conclusion”. (This was marvellous fun but I did want the knowledge that I had fucked Gloria). “Let’s see how we go", she said, serving my cock another parting spit as it left her mouth. (Love that look and feel!). Condom on, and we did fine. She got me up alright, did me cowgirl. That was a beautiful site. She fell forward, kissed me passionately. We rolled over to missionary. She laughed. I mean really laughed. “This is great!” She said. I don’t know; I think she just liked my appreciation of her. “I’m going to last two minutes now”, I warned her as we got into position. I lied. I lasted about one. But God it felt good fucking her and looking at her pretty face. Such a lovely looking young woman. If she wasn’t such a mischievous cheeky character it would almost feel sinful to fuck her. But I think I could live with it.

What I really admired (and could easily identify with) was her love of life. There is a sense of exuberance and lightness about her. Being involved in the sex-industry can be many things. One of them – the most important – is fun! Lose sight of that and you might as well get out. Gloria still seems to be basking in that. She’s having a good time and she brings that positive energy with her. 

In some ways Gloria is unique. She is quite her own girl. But when you meet her, Gloria is exactly what you expect a girl in her market position to be: Very beautiful, faultlessly presented, very open, relaxed, communicable, good humoured, more than fair with time-management: and most importantly – she was rippingly good at sex! 


August 2011

I came across Gloria's Brisbane tour details on PG & have to say that I found her face striking (always nice to find an escort who isn't afraid to show her face in her photos, albeit just one in this instance).  Along came our booked session & upon opening the door the first things I noticed about Gloria were her beautiful face & her height; yes, she is as striking as her photos & not a short woman. If the tall catwalk model escort appeals to you, then Gloria is right up your alley.

Call me old fashioned but I always feel more comfortable if an engaging conversation can be established prior to the bedroom antics. Some conversations are like pulling teeth, but Gloria harboured no inhibitions & an entertaining & broad-based conversation ensued before shower & bedroom time.

Gloria was quite the picture lying on the bed with classy lingerie & a semi-transparent dress. It's always good to see a beautiful young girl as she is gradually disrobed rather than being stark naked from the get-go. Like exploring a hitherto undiscovered new frontier, each exposed body part was a pure pleasure to the eye, touch, & tongue. Gloria has silky smooth skin which I could not fault & has a very attractive body. 

Kissing was a delicious & wet experience, just the way I like it. Oral attention from Gloria made me feel like I was levitating above the bed. She had a good deep technique with plenty of testicular attention, not at all mechanical or vanilla! Moving into 69 gave an opportunity to view & explore Gloria's "jewel" while continuing to float above the bed sheets. Is there any better place to be in life?

Gloria was very accommodating with a broad array of positions (with good leg flexibility), all of which were a visual delight. This review would not be complete without stating that this young lady has one of the best derrieres I've ever laid sight on; perfectly shaped, gravity defying & a deep firm natal cleft I couldn't keep my hands out of. If I were Michelangelo with a slab of marble & set of chisels I know what masterpiece I'd be working on right now.

In many ways the climax of a wonderful engagement such as this is both a desirable destination but sadly an indication that a fulfilling journey that has come to an end. Perhaps a longer engagement next time with Gloria is in order?

Thank you for an exquisite encounter Gloria & providing me with another infusion of sensory delights that only a prime example of the fairer sex such as yourself can provide. Thank you for making me the focus of your attention, for not being a clock watcher & for just being yourself. I felt very privileged to have experienced your first rate service. I drove home a contented man listening to "Gloria" (The Doors version of course) playing on the sound system. I'm more than happy to recommend you to any punters pursuing a quality experience from an escort who provides wonderful customer service.


August 2011

A glorious evening with Gloria. I had tried to book Gloria just before her recent return, which did not work out, and alas Gloria faded from my view, as I was very very content elsewhere. Speaking to Gloria, kindled the passion. Gloria had social plans for the evening, however kindly agreed to see me, 

Gloria for me was perfect, immaculately dressed, yet understated, make up was perfect, perfume Devine, red stockings, my least favorite colour on a lady, yet it worked. I am tall yet Gloria in her shoes was taller then I..

I am not sure I was what Gloria expected, I like to prepare for my liaisons, room perfume from the shangria la hotel, correct lighting, candles, music by Llewellyn ( those who know him will appreciate the reference) perfume for me. I am a convert to slow sensual and delicate foreplay.

Kisses, from Gloria are long genuine and intense, in fact I could of just kissed all evening, There was lots of cuddles and exploration. Finally Gloria disrobed to reveal porcelain skin, with out a single blemish or fault. I am a lover of perfect skin . Gloria features are perfect in everyday and her bottom is a glorious peach. I decided to give Gloria a massage, the ending was of which was a slow sensual cat bath. The cat bath transformed into a long slow oral session. Others have commented on the need to be in tune into Gloria body to really enjoy Gloria. 

The first sign was a very gentle twitch, the intensity of which was growing with ever exploration, finally her pussy was demanding attention from my hands as well. My fingers descended into a inferno of heat, nectar and fragrance. Gloria,s orgasim was long, slow yet so intense, which she seemed to really appreciate. Perhaps this was the high light of the evening. 

Earlier it had become apparent that 2 hours with Gloria was not going to be enough, so we agreed to extend to three. This proved to be a wise decision, one which Gloria found easy to accept. The rest of the evening had all the normal activity, yet it was delivered with passion and a genuine interest. (my pet hate is ladies whom have a routine or see the meeting as an act) 

Gloria is know for having opinions, which is fine for me, and let's say the conversation provided ample opportunity for Gloria and I to challenge each others worldview. In fact i suspect Gloria enjoyed the banter.

As the evening was drawing to a close, after a most memorable release, we chatted about our next adventure. (on one level you could just consider this good marketing on her behalf, nothing wrong with that in my view, and it is nice to know the lady will happily and readily see you again). The evening with Gloria was an outstanding success, warm, sensual, adventurous.


December 2010

Gloria arrives at my apartment wearing a classy burgundy (not sure?) coat, an elegant black body hugging lace dress with matching stockings and black high heel shoes (attached pictures showing what she was wearing the night we met). She was lovelier than I remembered a bit slimmer and looked much naughtier. She greeted me with a kiss on the lips as we sat down on the couch. We talked about what’s been going on with each other while we feasted on some Italian food that I’ve ordered, a fruit platter and drank Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Merlot one after the other. 

Gloria loves to laugh and smile with her eyes; I found myself hopelessly engaged as she spoke. She has a wonderfully easy-going personality, exudes sexiness without even putting in an effort, has a welcoming feeling and is very pleasant to converse with; just a few of her many endearing qualities. Gloria excused herself for a moment as she went away to freshen up. Upon her return she sat on my lap facing me and planted an open mouth kiss to initiate the start of what promised to be my best punt for 2010. Our kissing gradually progressed to a long and passionate DFK. Gloria is a standout kisser so it really didn’t take much time for my member to spring into full attention. The pressure of her bum grinding against my cock as we explored each others body with tender kisses and arousing touches just felt amazing as it got me excited all the more. 

Feeling that my cock needed some breathing room, I suggested that we retire to my bedroom and continue our lovemaking there. I quickly discarded my clothes and threw them all over the floor after which I proceeded to help Gloria ease out of hers leaving only a sexy pair of black lingerie and stockings. 

As Gloria lay on the bed, I took great pleasure in gradually ridding her of her undies and stockings as my lips and tongue got busy re-acquainting with every little inch, nook and cranny of her silky smooth body. I paid close attention to Gloria’s cues by observing her facial expressions and body language while I sucked gently on every sensitive spot that elicits an exclamation of approval. I made it a point to hover over her lips and engage in DFK with every chance I get. I was so turned on by this but still managed to take everything slow over an insanely long period of time. I didn’t mind this at all as I had made up my mind that this night would be all about pleasuring Gloria.

Being a consummate tease, I reserved savouring Gloria’s best parts for last. Goosebumps throughout Gloria’s body prompted me that it was time to take the foreplay to the next level. I alternately sucked on both of her very aroused nipples while I watched her squirm with pleasure. I was making her guess which part of her body I’d lick and kiss next. While I ran my hands gently all over her legs and inner thighs, I could sense with urgency that she wanted my face badly in between her legs.

I kissed and licked my way along her inner thighs moving from one leg to the other several times but intentionally avoiding contact with her pussy. Every time I’d pass her snatch I’d just give it a gentle blow as I looked at her beautiful face. Gloria tried to sneak her pussy closer to my mouth a couple of times but I was able to back out just before she made contact. I was at it for some time until I reached the point where I could not contain myself any longer. The sight and scent of Gloria’s very inviting moist snatch just inches away from my mouth was just too much temptation bear so I eventually gave in.

I started off by kissing her pussy lips round and round and slowly zeroed in on to her clit. I gently ran my fingertips to caress her nipples while I was sucking on her. Gloria then grabbed a hold of my wandering hand and guided it to her pussy and said “I want you to use your hands”. 

It didn’t take long after the combination of my tongue and fingers inside her made their presence felt before Gloria writhed and spasmed uncontrollably until she reached a leg shaking orgasm. She looked amazingly hot as she exploded. While all this was happening, in typical Gloria fashion she was as quiet as a mouse. 

After Gloria’s bundle of nerves had subsided, she went on top of me and had this naughty look in her eyes as if to say that it’s payback time. With Gloria now at the helm, more DFK interspersed with heaps of nipple play, BBBJ and tea bagging ensued. Gloria’s BBBJ technique is to die for! She ran her lips up and down the sides of my shaft, caressing it with her mouth. She took me deep in her mouth and pulled out towards the head while sucking. She sucked, licked and caressed the head with her lips and tongue while stroking the shaft with her hand. She massaged my balls with her lips, tongue and hands. My nipples were very sensitive and Gloria found that having them licked, sucked or touched softly can cause me to shiver uncontrollably so she did a lot of this. She stroked my shaft while softly kissing and nibbling on nipples. 

Gloria grabbed a condom, slid it over my cock and mounted me cowgirl style. The sight of those magnificent and perky breasts bouncing while she gyrated up and down my cock was slowly but surely leading up to sensory overload and is starting to take me to the point of no return. I interrupted her rhythm by grabbing her ass and initiated another round of DFK while I turned her over for mish. I took my time with my penetration while teasing both her clit and her g-spot. I varied my speed and the way I thrusted. I’d thrust really fast and make her reach her peak then stop abruptly. I tried hard so to hard delay cumming with all the control that I could muster. 

Feeling that my load was already knocking at the door, I disengaged from DFK and whispered to Gloria’s ear “I want to cum in your mouth”. Gloria responded by saying “Go for it. I’ll be ready”. Upon hearing those magic words, I quickly pulled out, ripped the bloody condom and stuck my throbbing cock to Gloria’s waiting mouth. She was like Mozart with my dick. She put on a twirling motion concentrated on the head of my cock as she was sucking me and the intense sensation drove me crazy to the point that I felt like electricity was flowing from my head to my toes sending tremors all over my body leaving me completely spent. This went down in my punting history books as the perfect finish ever!

After my aftershocks subsided and with my cock free from Gloria’s mouth, Gloria says with that naughty smile on her face, “Was that all”?! WTF?! That was a week’s supply of jizm she just guzzled and all she can say was, “Was that all”?! To shut her up, I again went for DFK but was caught off guard as she hasn’t swallowed yet. This didn’t bother me at all as we snowballed for a while before she completely swallowed every last drop and chased it down with a glass of water. We kissed and spooned til it was time for Gloria to go. We went overtime even though she had a friend’s birthday party to go to. This woman is definitely not a clock watcher! After we got dressed, I drove Gloria back to her hotel and kissed her goodbye.

In summary, I see her as the complete package. She has the perfect combination of classic looks, charm, impeccable manners, wit, style, sensuality and that rare je ne sais quoi quality. She has evolved from being very good to a truly exceptional service provider. Now that she’s back in Australia for good, I will always be the first to welcome her whenever she visits Melbourne.


October 2010

Gloria and I have been emailing for over a year now but could never get our diaries to align. The day finally arrived. It was a lovely sunny day so decided to walk over to Gloria's place without looking at Google maps. Mistake number 1. I ended up taking the longest route possible with the most steps and hills possible. I was knackered. 

Around the corner from Gloria's place, I gave her a ring as promised. It dawned on me that this was actually the first time I have heard her voice. Ah, sweet as honey! I walk in and standing in front of me is what I have been waiting 1 year to see. Tall, slender, dark haired beauty wearing a lovely floral dress. (I love a lady in a dress). I had a grin from ear to ear She is a very beautiful lady.

Had a lovely chat over coffee and basically caught up from where we left off with our talks via email. . Some amazing DFK commenced while standing up. Gloria dressed in her floral dress and me with a damp towel wrapped around me. Gloria managed to discard the towel and I managed to wiggle Gloria out of her dress.

We then proceed to lay on the bed and continue our DFK session and I was not complaining as Gloria is an amazing kisser. Slowly the reminder of Gloria's lingerie found its way onto the floor and before me was a sexy, beautiful, naked lady who I had been pining over for a very very long time. Gloria turned me onto my back and commenced some very nice and sensual BBBJ. This definitely did the trick as the little fella responded in kind. Not wanting to finish too early I told Gloria it was her turn and turned her over onto her back.

Started off with DFK (again) and worked my way around her neck with soft sensual kisses and then proceeded down her body.  I looked up at Gloria and she was looking down at me with a sexy look in her eyes giving me the go ahead so I started my DATY session. Every once in a while I would look up at Gloria and she would be looking down at me with that sexy hunger in her eyes that gives you the impression that you are doing something right. 

Gloria is definitely not a yeller or screamer when she orgasms. She is as quiet as a mouse (at least I hope she did cum). Via DATY Gloria had a orgasm and seemed to have enjoyed herself and said it was her turn to return the favour. More BBBJ ensued and it was great! I didn't want it to stop but I did want to have sex with Gloria so asked where her condoms are as I wasn't going to last much longer.

On with the dom and Gloria starts off in cowgirl. Damn, looking up at her while straddling me was just too much for me to handle. Turned her around and continued in mish. This is when I embarrassed myself. Within a few short strokes, it was all over. WTF? What just happened? Even when I lost my virginity I lasted longer than this!!! I was so embarrassed and apologetic to Gloria but she is a trooper and she made me laugh it off. OK, I promise to perform better in our second round. I know I can! 

After a few minutes I ask Gloria if she could provide me with BBBJ again as it felt great the first time and I really wanted to finish CIM. Obliging as ever, Gloria proceeds to work on the little fella. Damn! He just would not float.

Again, being the trooper that Gloria is, she suggested that I try hand relief on myself and then when ready to cum, she will oblige with CIM. That is what ensued. Nice.I honestly am embarrassed of my lack of abilities today with Gloria. I really did fail her. I can't put my finger on why this is but I do know it is a mental thing and not physical. My only reasoning is that the load of expectation got the better of me and I suffered stage fright. This is where I refer to my second line up the top saying my expectations of Gloria were high. I think I psyched myself out. Just to stress a point though, my misgivings were purely self inflicted and should not been seen as Gloria failing in her abilities or duties.

All in all, the 2 hour session was very enjoyable (other than my misfortunes) and I would definitely recommend Gloria as being a top class service provider. Gloria, thank you for being a lovely person and your understanding. I will see you again very soon. 


October 2010

I did the old double-take when i spotted the sophisticated young lady smiling in the foyer at The Establishment Hotel last Thursday as i arrived to check in. Got to admire punctuality - she makes 'early' fashionable. It has been 5 months since i laid eyes on her, and, if it's even possible, Gloria has matured into a more stunning woman than i remember.

Her long black hair has magically grown back. The tallest heels you can imagine to exaggerate her already towering height and to intimidate the hell out of anyone who dares to get in her way. Lucky i'm still taller, she doesn't frighten me.

Very few other escorts i have ever felt the desire to take out for dinner dates, but Gloria is such a delightful companion that i can't resist including this as a regular feature of our bookings. And to be honest it is an area that she excels in; conversation is lively & full of fun; she is an excellent escort in the traditional sense of the word. What i love too is giving her the opportunity to dress up and dazzle with her flamboyant style, out on the town. She's been shopping that day and is so excited to debut a lovely long white flowing dress with blue & red floral pattern. Her bare shoulders exposed. She could be a raven-haired southern belle. Beautiful. Any man would be proud to have this Lady at his side, even if only for a one-night fantasy encounter.

I'm not exaggerating to say that a couple of times Gloria glided off to the bathroom at dinner, that every set of male eyes in the room could been seen following her tall, graceful figure. She warrants the attention.

Three courses fly by in no time and we are back at the hotel running the bath and cracking open another bottle of wine. Gloria slips out of her new dress and underpants and lowers herself into the warm soapy water. I am happy just watching really, but i am beckoned to join her and to embrace her naked body in the bath tub. Much later i guide a slightly damp Gloria by the hand to bed, or my 'casting couch' as it will be tonight, so she can demonstrate her Thespian skills. Though it seems that little acting is required as she is a natural at this game. 

We are quite pissed and sex tonight is an aggressive battle of wills... in a playful way of course. I have to dominate and pin her to the bed to go down on her. Licking the lips of her freshly shaven pussy. After as much of this as she can handle, she wrestles free and pushes me down to mount me in cowgirl. Bites me hard on the neck, tongue in the ear, tortures my nipples, gives me a bit of the rough stuff. Don't be scared off, she's not usually like this on a first date. There are certain buttons on me she knows she's allowed to push.

I have this sexy image burned into my mind of Gloria riding me, dark moody lighting, her long black hair thrown over to one side of her face. Peering down at me, hands leaning on my chest, as she fucks me.. When the tables turn again i handcuff her and fuck her in missionary and then doggy until we are breathless and sweating. We finish with oral, those beautiful eyes staring up at me the whole time. Just lovely.

YMMV but i've always found Gloria to be especially generous with her time. She's never once made me feel like there's any need to hurry things along. She's a very forthright person, but sweet as well. Take it or leave it, you get a dose of reality style girlfriend experience when you get together with her. And if you don't like that sort of thing, well fucking book someone else, she doesn't care.

She is unique amongst working ladies that i've ever met. I really dig her style. And all these things make her quite special in my eyes. I think i'll be seeing a fair bit of this new apartment she has moved to..., starting next week.


October 2010

As a long-time punter i enjoy variety as much as any man, but sometimes a working lady of substance comes along who ticks all the right boxes and leaves you somewhat captivated. 

She is looking absolutely stunning at the moment, the face of an angel (with a devil inside) and sporting a new short hair cut which suits her surprisingly well. She is wearing a light blue figure-hugging evening dress with an antique style silver brooch and high heels when i greet her at our meeting place in the CBD. Honestly, she is so classically glamorous, like a 1950s movie star. I feel like the luckiest guy in town, fare-evading on trams and strolling the streets with this tall gorgeous girl by my side. 

The evening is still young and we are both a couple of nightowls, so i never expect to be tucked in bed by 9.30. She takes me to a favourite bar where we sit outside on the rather fancy terrace, drinking jug o' cocktails to get ourselves suitably lubricated for the events to follow. It is a very good feeling being out on a date with a 'sure thing'. Chatting, laughing, enjoying each others company ... all the while knowing that you are about to get laid. A few drinks later i utter the immortal words: "you know what, let's go back to the hotel and have sex.”

Stripped of our clothes we go for a soak in the tub. We always seem to start in the bathtub. It is a nice way to start. I won't even tell you tell how long we are in there for, but it is a long time. Possibly some sort of world record for longest bath ever. Drinking wine, totally chilled and talking endless shit about nothing.

I had completely forgotten that i packed my devious little toys that have featured in some of our previous encounters. Neither of us are genuinely into BDSM in a big way but perhaps i have created a monster (x2). The hand restraints are applied and so too the blindfold. I kiss her beautiful body all over. Taking my time, there was no hurry. I moved to the top of the bed and placed the head of my penis to her lips. She playfully sunk her teeth top and bottom and gripped me for a moment. A none too subtle warning – hey i might be cuffed & blindfolded but i'm still in total control, so don't get any funny ideas arsehole! And then she welcomed him in, all soft mouth and tongue to give the affection that he craved. Then raised her head off the pillow to blindly swallow a little deeper, before i took him away. A mental note for next time: Do not let this girl anywhere near a riding crop. Ever again. A professional should never leave marks, but i definitely wore some battle scars on my chest the next day ... and only regained feeling in my left nipple the day after that. Blindfolded, cuffed and at her mercy, i could sense her prowling around the bed. There was giggles, teasing, nervous anticipation and sexual tension. Smmack! There was cursing. I might have been a touch upset with the rough treatment she was dishing out if it wasn't for the amazing blowjob that followed and the slow exquisite way that she mounted and rode my cock in reverse cowgirl straight after. (We may just have to work on the pleasure/pain ratio and tone down on the nipple biting in future.) I escaped the cuffs; threw away the blindfold. Sex went on for ages.