Are your photos real? Can I have a selfie?

Yes my photos are real. They are not "photoshopped". The figure is exactly as presented. I reshoot every 3-6 months at a maximum. As you can see from my images on my Twitter and Instagram, I look identical to my professional images. My photos were taken recently (October, July, June, April 2016, December 2015). There is plenty of selfies on my Twitter and Instagram that verify that my professional images are not manipulated to my benefit.


Are there extra services available?

There are no "extras" available. Anal sex, rimming, face fucking, bareback penetrative sex and rubbing of genitals against each other are not available under any circumstances. Spitting on me, slapping, verbal abuse or any other type of physical abuse or degrading behaviour is not ok. Filming or taking explicit images of me is forbidden. Any innocent images you want to take of me must be requested. If you would like clarification on whether or not I provide a service that I have not covered, please feel free to ask. 


Is XYZ negotiable? 

My first answer is my only answer. When it comes to my body and my services, they are my answers. Please respect them. My rates are as advertised and not negotiable. 


Do you take credit card?

No I do not, sorry. You may pay by cask or bank deposit into discreet, unrelated account. 


How much notice do I need to book?

Ideally, 4-72 hours. At a minimum, 90 minutes. If you are making a booking more than 7 days in advance you may be asked to make a deposit. The deposit will be fully refundable if you cancel with 48  hours notice. If cancelled with less than 24 hours, but more than 4 hours notice it will be kept and used toward a future booking. Other circumstances at my discretion may require a deposit. 


How can I trust you with a deposit?

I have reviews spanning back from 2010, they are 100% positive. I'm obviously not some fly by the night operator. I care more about my reputation than fleecing you for a small deposit. The deposit will be refunded if you cancel within a very reasonable period of time. It's a mild inconvenience, yes, but you have no reason not to trust me. 


What information do you need from me?

This will depend on numerous factors. It could be as simple as your name and number, your full name and the name of your hotel, a reference from another escort, of proof of your address (such as a screenshot of your utility bill). Please respect my request for information and my right to feel safe. 


What do you do with my information?

Once you've past initial verification (if necessary), any coding that I use for clients would not make sense to anyone but me. I do not record my clients under their full legal names, but reminders that make sense to me (such as John jumpy dog Southwark, James banker latex slight limp). Anything that jogs my memory that is identifiable to you, your likes, with your first name and where I have seen you. It's very discreet. People would find my phone and notebooks very bizarre if they ever found them. 


How do I prepare for a booking?

The same way you would prepare for any ordinary date where you are hoping to get "lucky". Shower (paying extra attention to the bits that you want me to pay extra attention to), shave, brush your teeth and put on some freshly washed clothes. Be polite, don't act weird (I'm a weirdo, that's fine. Creepy weird), treat me the way you would like to be treated, be on time. Bring a wad of cash!  Yes you're paying me, but the age old saying that you win more flies with honey than vinegar does apply. My favourite clients are my clients that go out of their way to bring a smile to my face each time they see me. This is not in a sexual way, nor in the means of a bringing me gifts. But, by being sincere and genuine people who show me respect and care. 


Am I always speaking to you?

Yes, when you contact me via my website and contact details listed here you are always talking to me and me only. 


What turns you on?

The most common question: turning others on. It's narcissistic perhaps, but nothing does it for me more than knowing how much I am turning someone on and being in complete control of their pleasure and climax. I am very much a giver, but it also makes me feel very empowered and desired. I enjoy power play and arousing someone to the point where they need to take control and objectify me and have their way with me. My sexual preferences run more passionate and rough, but I can equally enjoy being the centre of someone's affection and attention. There is no simple answer to this question. 


Tell me more about you. What are your hobbies and interests?

I am a person that is very comfortable in her own company. A confident introvert if you like. I like planes. A lot. If I was allowed to medically, I would have liked to have been a pilot. I travel extensively, there are few places in the world I want to be that I haven't been. I am an aesthete and like collecting very beautiful things and exploring beautiful places. I am passionate about science and fitness, I like creating beautiful bodies and helping people lose weight. I have a strong interest in modern day Chinese culture and am currently reading about Russian history and the former USSR. 


What do you like to eat and drink?

Rose, white wine and champagne. I enjoy a pinot noir, red wine can be particularly dehydrating however, and itmay not be the best choice if you wish to share a bottle. I can generally find something on any menu to eat, but I would lean towards Japanese, Scandinavian, Seafood, Peruvian, Asian Fusion, Mediterranean and Modern International restaurants. Please don't bring me chocolates or other food as a gift.  


Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

My skin is free from tattoos and piercings. My skin is flawless and ivory year-round. 


Do you party?

I don't do drugs at all. It's none of my business if you do. 


Are your breasts real?

My breasts are enhanced. They are a 32D. 


What's your review policy?

Reviews are helpful for business. Reviews, that is. Not over the-top-novella's. I encourage reviews as I am an exceptional provider that actually cares about her reputation and puts effort into each and every client. Please, try to keep it cleanish and factual rather than pornographic and romantic.

I can't guarantee that we will always click. If you feel that I have not promised on services delivered, despite of this or let you down in any other way, please get in contact with me after the session to try to see if there is a possible resolution before voicing your dissatisfaction online. I would never purposefully do this, it is not my character. I always try to go out of my way to make my clients happy and I am generally very good at reading people (unfortunately, I am not not a perfect person). I don't have any negative reports online and I would like to keep it that way if possible.