Or would you prefer me as a subservient lithe-doll; lightly bound from behind as I sit up on my knees or hogtied on the bed? Perhaps in a dog's collar as you order me to crawl around plugged on all fours toward you as you require my body for your own use? Maybe your fantasies are more perverted. Intruder and resistance fantasies. Daddy-Daughter. An abuse of a position of power. Golden showers. Cutting or ripping the clothes off a beautiful woman. The choice is yours..  



All services included the the traditional service in addition to the following: 

Use of preapproved restraints, collars, gags, anal toys and stimulators on me. Submissive role play. Role play involving position abuse of position power (ie: school girl, incest, step father, boss), crime-related fantasies, fantasies involving resistance, ripping of clothing etc.

Please note: I do not offer anal sex. 


£600 GBP per hour, £850 for 90 minutes, £1000 for 2 hours, subsequent hours are £400 GBP. 

Dinner dates with 90 minutes private time from 1100 GBP. Extended dinner dates with 2.5 hours private time from £1500 GBP

Overnight without sleep 8 hours £2600 GBP. Overnight 12 hours £3000 GBP. Overnight 16 hours £3500 GBP.




I have to dominate and pin her to the bed 

"I have to dominate and pin her to the bed to go down on her. After as much of this as she can handle, she wrestles free and pushes me down to mount me in cowgirl. Bites me hard on the neck, tongue in the ear, tortures my nipples, gives me a bit of the rough stuff"

Best blow job I have ever had

"Best blow job I have ever had. Deep throating it so I can feel it go down her throat and hear that gargling noise as it goes down. Then she put her tonnage out and licked my balls whilst deep throating me. Amazing"


Full on deep-throated pyrotechnics 

"It was like staying at a Hotel with a pillow menu, having a hard time choosing and saying, “I’ll have one of each and then I’ll decide”. It was all there from graceful luxurious teasing to full on deep-throated pyrotechnics. I can’t imagine Gloria would ever need to ask anyone how they like a blowjob. If she asked me now I would say “a lot like that one”